A new spring of the soul

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Yesterday, in my town we had the very first warm day of sun and blossoming flowers, so we decided to go walking in the woods and enjoy the beautiful colours of nature.

I feel as I need to get some new energy from the sun, from the grass, from the old olive trees of my garden.

Actually I am opening my mind to some new knowledge since I had an intuition for a new series of work to be launched in the month of June during the third event of the Bloomz Art Show (take a look here).

This idea relates to psychology, developed as a new science in Vienna more or less one century ago. Vienna had to be a blazing place until the start of the First World War, with many artists such as Klimt and Schiele enriching the cultural life and proposing new forms of art, whose ideas and techniques were in complete rupture with respect to the classical tradition and to the Impressionists and Postoimpressionists as well.

The founders of Psycology as a new science were Freud and Jung, as you may know.

Carl Jung’s ideas in particular appear to be functional to my project, and that is the reason.

Jung rejected the theory of human psychological development. He proposed that thoughts, connections, behaviors, and feelings exist within the human race such as belonging, love, death, and fear, among others. These constitute what Jung called as collective unconscious.  He believed that evolutionary pressures have individual predestinations manifested in archetypes.

According to Jung, archetypes are inherited potentials that are actualized when they enter consciousness as images or manifest in behavior on interaction with the outside world. They are autonomous and hidden forms which are transformed once they enter human consciousness and are given particular expression by individuals and their cultures.

In Jungian psychology, archetypes are highly developed elements of the collective unconscious. The existence of archetypes may be inferred from stories, art, myths, religions, or dreams.

This approach is terribly charming, isn’t?

The archetypes form a dynamic substratum common to all humanity, upon the foundation of which each individual builds his own experience of life, colouring them with his unique culture, personality and life events. Thus, while archetypes themselves may be conceived as a relative few innate nebulous forms, from these may arise innumerable images, symbols and patterns of behavior. While the emerging images and forms are apprehended consciously, the archetypes which inform them are elementary structures which are unconscious and impossible to apprehend.

I’m reading a book about the manifestations of the female archetypes in ancient tales and legends of all countries. I am finding quite hard to understand everything because I am totally new to Psychology and to the language of this subject, but I am fascinated by this common, universal categorization of human beings.

My plan is to build a bunch of work depicting the female archetypes in the Jungian psycology.

Are you a Visionary or a Performer? An Explorer or an Intellectual? Everyone is a superposition of different archetypes, and the real struggle is to balance them all and find our inner equilibrium.

I think that this process of study will lead me through a travel inside my soul, my behaviour, my actions.

To start, I propose you a game!

Take this quiz and let me know what kinds of archetype are prevalent in you, and if you feel it’s true or not!

You will also find some downloadable sheets with the main points of your archetypes.


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Love and charcoal

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The first action of self-love that I did about two years ago, when I deliberately decided to start making art, was buying some charcoal to study and understand how to draw a face.

That was the very precise moment when I realised that I wanted to dedicate some of my time for a passion that had to be just mine. Not for my office, not for my husband, not for my children.

But just for Elisa.

Why charcoal? Because it’s the most forgiving medium, and if you make a mistake you can go back and try again simply rubbing it off from the paper.

Two years later, I still relate the learning of new skills to the use of charcoal and dry media. So I’ve decided to challenge myself in new skills and I will spend 100 days drawing figures in charcoal, trying to get looseness in the anatomy, without giving too much evidence to details.

And since I am a perfectionist, a bit of forgiveness is what I really need to balance my continuous tendency to self-judgement.

Gesture, movement, expressivity. These are my goals, and here some of the works of the first week.

Just black dust on a newspaper pad.

I also keep working on my series of huge paintings dedicated to meaningful female characters in literature. After Anna Karerina, Eve and Catherine Earnshaw Linton in Wuthering Heights, I have a crowded list of extraordinary women that I would love to paint and celebrate on canvas.

I will let my instinct guide me, and I will follow the order that better suits me, exclusively based on my intuition.

Will I be bold in colours and brushstrokes?

Or I’ll go tight?

Every moment is a choice, an opportunity.

Every movement of wrist, hand, arm and shoulder is a manifestation of the freedom that fills my mind, and I manifest my unconditional love for the woman I am.

The imperfect woman. The only one I will ever have!

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Cinderella or…?

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We all have heroes. And heroins.

They can belong to TV shows, to politics, to sports.

Mine are definitely in books. I have tons of books. And when I say tons…… I’m serious about it. I’m an addicted, I buy books, and I rescue books from those who don’t want them anymore. Actually, I increased my personal library until it has reached over 1,000 titles.

To be honest, I haven’t read them all. But I still look for new ones. Moreover, I seldom read the same book twice.

Books are faithful friends and they patiently wait for their moment to arrive. The instant when, after checking and checking the available titles on the bookshelf at the corner, you get to hold one of them in your hands, look carefully at the image on the first page, read the short summary of the story on the back and you finally say ‘Yes, it’s your turn’.

I’m currently working on a new series of paintings on large canvas. It’s quite a challenge, since all my previous pieces are, in average, medium-sized. This series is related to heroins in literature, and it will cover charming characters who are the protagonists of classical novels.

I can’t reveal details (God knows it’s quite an effort to keep the silence on this topic because I would like to involve you in all the steps), except that I will show bold colours in these portraits and figures, changing palette in each of them, and in this way purposing different atmospheres, suggestions, dreamlike places for all the viewers.

The first paintings of this in progress series will premiere in the Bloomz art show on 29th and 30 January. Just a week!

Have you already taken your free ticket for the event?

Follow this LINK, I hope I’ll see you there!

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Sabina mater, my land

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I’m sure you know that I am Italian, especially because I sometimes refer to myself as a woman of a modern Italian Renaissance. This definition relies on my artistic vision, centered on the human soul, that has driven me to portraiture since the beginning, and I still find my joy and strongest motivation in representing the heart and the spiritual side through a face and a body.

But let’s come back to my origin and my present location.

I was born and I live in Rieti, a small town in central Italy. We are in a flat land surrounded by mountains. My house is just at the beginning of the road that from the town leads to Monte Terminillo, the highest peak of Latium.

In ancient times this area was inhabited from the pre-Roman population of Sabines. Indeed the first chapters of the Roman history narrate about the Sabin origin of Rome (the lengend of Romulus and Remus, whose mother, Rea Silvia, was the daughter of the Sabine king) and about an alternation of Roman and Sabine kings governing the Roman kingdom.

Most of all, following the historiographical work of Titus Livius, the Roman civilization owes to the Sabine one the massive presence of women who actually contributed to the birth of the Roman civilization.

The so-called ‘Rape of Sabine women’ lies in that subtle, thin veil between history and legend, and my town recently decided to remind this episode through a huge mural painting on the walls of the court, made by Ozmo.

You can see that the rape is located in the central area of the painting, where the artist evokes the previous representation of the same subject sculpted by Giambologna through a statuary group dating back to 1574-1580 a.C.

But what’s the result in having such origins, you may ask. How is that related to your art practice, after all? It is hard to explain, but in that Sabine blood flowing in my veins I recognise the determination of the people of the mountains.

My low attachment to material things, my tendency in never giving up against all evidence, and maybe also a mild, initial distrust for all the news.

So I’m a woman of a modern Renaissance, but my heart is anchored to the millennial history of my town, where the time flows slowly and every change seems like in slow motion.

SABINA MATER, Sabina mother of Rome. Sounds, echoes of hidden lands.

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Ticket to ride

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Oh, the Hogwards Express!

When I am with my kids, we often dress up and dream about going to the school of magic and live great adventures, like Harry Potter and his friends.

What would you say if I can open for you the doors of a magical environment?

A place where all is joy, colour and expectations.

In these dark times we definitely deserve such a possibility of entertainment. And even if I am not a witch, I already have a magic wand.

Guess what? My paintbrushes, of course!

​​So let me invite you to the show of my artist collective, the Bloomz group, which will be completely free and held online, on Zoom.

As a group, we are a varied, eclectic mix of artists from across the globe who will be ready to show you their latest collections of original work, talk to you about their passion for their art and discuss the processes they use.​​ Artists often hear that people can find High Street galleries uninviting and intimidating places.

So we wanted to break down the barriers and talk direct to anybody interested in art. Hopefully visitors will find an artist, among us, about who they would like to find out more, and thus will be able to follow them—either through social media or by joining the artist’s mailing list.

​​There will be three Art Show sessions—one at 19:00hrs 29th January plus one at 10:00hrs and one at 19:00hrs (UK time) on 30th January—and each show will last 3 hours.

We suggest you allow 2 hours for your visit. The artists are detailed on the website so that you can get to know them a little before you arrive at the event.​​

​​The first show in September 2020 received rave reviews and once the allotted tickets have been taken there will be a waiting list in case of cancellations.​​

​​If you want to experience what is becoming the most talked about global Art Show phenomenom, then secure your tickets now – Register for you ticket NOW.

Entrance is FREE but you do need to register for your tickets.

Get your free pass here, or if you want to know more about the Bloomz, follow this link.

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New year, new mood!

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Fireworks, wishes, cheers and bubbles in the intimate atmosphere of our houses have led us to the new year. And now?

I browse the pages of my new daily planner (I’m committing to be organised, this year) and in those blank spaces I see a bunch of possibilities.

My children have a new board game where each player simulates a job career, a family (pets included) and a house; the goal of the game is facing all the changes in life (marriage, purchasing a house, making debts, growing children and pets).

I see that my young boys really get passionate in this role playing and I understand the reason too. We all love dreaming, we love identifying ourselves in other people’s lives to enjoy new adventures and looking at the world from different perspectives. Who knows if with better results.

I say, today, that the privilege of feeling, being and living as an artist intrinsically allows me to reinvent myself day after day.

I can swim in the waves of Kanagawa’s works, I smell orchids in the Polynesian island with Gauguin. I suffer as Vincent looking at the golden wheat fields and seeing the unbridgeable gap between the inside and the outside world.

I laugh, dream and listen to the beautiful stories of people who ask me commissions. I hear about other countries, other families, and every time I am astonished by the human souls, that create and destroy, change destinies and history with a yes or a no.

Let’s spin the wheel and get prepared, because I’ll cover you with stories, inspirations, colour and gorgeous exciting stuff!

And please, mark red 29th and 30th January on your calendar for the exclusive second Bloomz Art Show on Zoom (details coming shortly).

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Magic Moments

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Hello dear friends and art lovers!

I am happy to announce that I will be participating in the “Magic Moments” auction, organised by the Soul Energy Art Group in Facebook.

It begins on Saturday December 5th. There will be gorgeous work by many artists displayed each day. My new work will be up for auction from 10 AM EST.

If you would like to join the event, CLICK HERE and join the Facebook group where the auction will take place.

I hope to see you there!


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What you get is what you give (sometimes)

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I warn you, friends.

This is going to be a philosophical, sociological posts.

I’ve experimented envy. Envy for my brilliant intuition as a student, before, and as a professionist. Envy for my restless determination to achieve a goal once I had set it in my mind.

A special person, who I call a ‘visionary’, a ‘prophet’, said to me that I would have been envied by women all along my life.

I must admit that it has happened, and during the years of university I had more male friends than female ones. Nowadays, in my job as an engineer I interact mostly with men, and I feel at ease because there is no competition.

Today I think I am selective in choosing new friends, and maybe at the first sight I can appear a bit unfriendly just because I spend some minutes observing and interpreting the vibrations that I can get from a certain person.

But if you are able to crush my initial lack of confidence, you will discover my tender, generous side.

This artsy world enhances cooperation among generous people. You will always find the person who doesn’t give without taking something back, but up to now I have been enough lucky to find collaborative and supportive people to share my journey with.

When you feel wrong, when you think you are not enough (for what? For who?), just consider all your struggles to match your family life with your career, and with your self care.

For years I didn’t pay attention to my necessities because I was totally concentrated on growing up my children, who are my biggest treasure. I couldn’t see that life still had so much more for me.

There was enough space for my passions to grow, even if I had already forgotten about having desires and ambitions.

And it is unbelievable to me that, after being a victim of psycological abuse by narcissistic people all along my life (in family, in relationships), I’m still able to love authentically as a real highly sensitive person. I still believe in the good side of people, against any rational thought, against any doubt.

A person said to me – How can you resist in this world?

But I resist, I fight, I want to live everyday in all my potential.

Now that my wounds healed, I understand my vocation in portraiture.

My why, as an artist.

I paint my devotion. My unconditional love. My hope and my laugh. My melancholy.

If you can mirror in my paintings, if you are moved by my words, it means that we share a sparkle of the divine presence within us.

We are connected and we think that self love, acceptance and forgiveness are the first steps towards peace.

I hope you will treat you well, I hope you will be kind to yourself, I hope you will never blame you again for the things that you can’t change and that don’t depend on your behaviour.

Freedom is a bit nearer.

Can you smell its perfume? What’s the fragrance of freedom?

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Less is more

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Since I began to paint consistently, on an almost daily basis, I decided to study the Old Masters from a technical point of view, and besides the grisaille technique (see this previous article) I was attracted by the use of a particular palette which seemed to be extremely useful to mix fleshtones and create harmonious portraits.

A Swedish painter, Anders Zorn, introduced an essential but innovative limited palette that is nowadays known as Zorn palette.

It consists of just 4 colors being yellow ochre, ivory black, vermilion and titanium white. Cadmium red light is commonly used in place of vermilion by modern day artists.

Whilst this may seem like an extremely limited range of colors, Zorn demonstrated through his paintings just what is possible with such a limited palette.

Here is a self-portrait of Zorn with his palette.

Anders Zorn, Self Portrait With Model, 1896

I embraced the challenge to try this limited palette and explore all the possible combinations of colours.

I find definitely boring doing color swatches but in this case it was essential, since it was the only way to understand how these 4 colours create an unbelievable large number of tones, and especially skin tones. I prefer muted tints and shades, and I usually avoid too saturated colours. The Zorn palette offers a wide gamut of ‘pinks’, warm, cold, greyish, brownish.

My experiments are being really useful to improve my knowledge of color theory, and I am finishing a small series of portraits, entirely painted through the Zorn palette, which will be available on the auction that will be held in the ‘Soul & Energy Art Group‘ on Facebook.

Join the group in order to subscribe to the ‘Magic Moments’ auction,and let beautiful art inspire your December and lead you to a joyful, colourful Christmas time!

Next week I’ll give a preview of all the pieces giving all the details of size, support and the range of prices.

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All I want for Christmas is….a drawing!!

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Are you unpacking all your Christmas decorations?

Are you already looking for a special, unexpected and original present for your sister, mother, or best friend?

Do you think that perfumes, bottles of wine and foulards are the most boring presents ever (as I do, LOL)?

You would love to imprint on paper you best smile during your last trip in Italy, or the first kiss with your husband, because keeping our beloved ones in front of our eyes gives us strenght and joy.

You may want a portrait of your children to be hanged in your office, in order to have a tender visual connection with them even when you are working.

You are looking for a unique and affordable idea to celebrate your essence of amazing human being.

I do not wear a red dress like Santa Claus, but I am definitely a creative soul and in this special time of the year I want to offer to my subscribers, fans and collectors the opportunity of having one of my art pieces at a special price.

From Monday 30 November to Sunday 20 December you will be able to commission me a drawing in pencils or buy one of my available drawings for 99 euros! First come, first served!

Each day I will post on my social media accounts a pencil sketch on paper, whose dimensions are in average 15 cms by 20 cms.

The drawings can be yours at the special price of 99 euros (notice that shipping costs are extra and will be determined on the basis of your address).

As an alternative, if you prefer to have your own subject portrayed, just message me or contact me via my website (here) to schedule a commission consultation with a resulting sketch at the same price!

I’m so excited about Christmas time!

Embrace the joy of Christmas with me!

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