Do you want a memorable, everlasting reminder of who you really are?

I am a seeker of the true self within.

Everything I do is to embrace love and the multitude of powerful emotions crowding my soul. I believe we all crave a deeper, intimate knowing of our spiritual side.

I just happen to create insightful, dreamlike, emotional paintings that evoke sublime intangible heartbeats and precious hopes.

I strongly believe in discovering our true identity, and a portrait tailored on you represents a tribute to the beauty of your soul.

Therefore I accept commissions in which I aim to represent you both fisically and spiritually, without filters.

The process for a commission are outlined in the following points.

  • CONTACT ME: Show your interest in having your bespoke portrait by sending me a private message filling the contact form here or send me a private message on my social media accounts listed here.
  • EXCITEMENT BEGINS: We arrange a first call on WhatsApp. Main topics of our chat are the idea you want me to develop and the definition of more technical information on the future portrait such medium, size, deadline and payment plans. More sessions could be required to know you better. I want a real connection with you, and the piece of art filled your deepest emotion with will result from our positive cooperation!
  • ESTABLISHING CONDITIONS: Once the subject, special requests regarding colour etc, size, costs, and time scale are agreed, a contract is drawn up between us. 50% of the cost will be required before the work begins.
  • GENIUS @ WORK: You will be constantly informed about the progress of the work through videos and pictures. I usually offer at least two progress reports during the commission project.
  • A FOREVER HOME: The work is finally done, and the piece is ready to be send. We arrange the shipping details and the remaining sum of money plus shipping costs is due before the portait is sent to you. We track the parcel until it is safely delivered.
  • YES-TIMONIAL: You are kindly requested to send me a testimonial of your experience, so that I can share it across my social media.

You can download a summary of the process below.

Please note that it is my desire for you, the customer, to be fully satisfied with the piece of artwork that I paint for you. If the piece isn’t right then its not right, and I will rework it so as you are happy with the finished result, it’s basically in my interest for the artwork to be right and for you to be happy with it. As there is always more work involved in a commission, then my prices are higher for these than a similarly sized original piece. 

Prices for commissions range from 10 to 12 euros per linear centimeter (as an example, a portrait on a 20 cms x 20 cms on canvas costs [20+20] x 12 = 420 euros).

Please also keep in mind, that whilst I try to act as professionally and accurately as possible, any images or videos that I send you during the process of creation, and for approval, may look slightly different to the actual finished piece once you have it hanging in your home. This is due to the lighting in my studio, the technology I use to convey the image and the technology you use to review the images, we can only work with what we have.

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