Midnight reflections

What is your favourite time in the day?

I particularly love the moments of silence I can savour in the early morning or at late night, when everybody is still asleep. They are priceless, and this is only me with my thoughts.

This painting speaks about the magic of the night, when you are alone with your soul.

Fireflies in a summer night. I’m sitting on the grass, taking some rest from the hot sunlight.

Just me, and these living, moving droplets of delicate light. Jasmine flowers blossom and enrich the air with their sensual, exotic fragrance. Nature guides my meditation.

I’m grateful for my sight. I’m grateful for my hearing. I’m grateful for my touch and my speech.

My heart is open to the disclosure of the treasures that life brings each day. A small firefly lands on my shoulder. It rests for a second or two, and then continues its pilgrimage.

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Details of the painting:

‘Midnight reflections’

Acrylics on wood cradleboard

Size 28 cms x 35 cms x 1.5 cms, ready to hang

380 Euros plus shipping, includes its certificate of authenticity

Please email me to to buy the painting, and I’ll be in touch with the details. Payments are due by PayPal, and I have payment plans available too.

Please email me to to buy

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