The Bloomz

Who’s still thinking that art shows are events full of boring people, talking about mysterious things?
Who’s still wondering why art galleries are full of colour but without visitors and collectors inside?
Who’s still trying to match an art piece with its creator, in order to feel ‘fire’ and emotions looking at it?

Maybe you don’t know I am a member of The Bloomz Arthouse Collective.

Here you find my personal journey to find such a wonderful and supportive group of artists.

We believe in the importance of our art and we desire to show our work. We met on a course showing artists how to sell their original creations online — something that was missed out from the art school curriculum.

It is quite rare to get such a collection of artists working together, and we were inspired by London’s historical ‘Bloomsbury Group’ to create a group of our own, hence ‘The Bloomz’.

We decided to start our own on-line ‘Arthouse’ that would periodically produce a virtual art show.

We were uninspired by the various virtual, on-line events that involve scanning through pages and pages of flat art. So we decided to organise on-line artshows with a difference — you get to meet and chat to the artists, live, as well as see their art, in a relaxed, informal atmosphere.

Any information on The Bloomz is available at this specific website, but the various events will be properly illustrated in my blog!