This portrait is inspired to the female characted of Clara Del Valle, the protagonist of the novel ‘The house of the spirits’ by Isabel Allende.

Since she was a young girl, she was able to spoke to the soul of the dead and she had supernatural experiences. Her unusual perception of reality allowed her to see what was hidden to the eyes of ordinary people, opening to her horizons and parallel lives.

Here is a short paragraph I wrote about the suggestions that Clara gave me.

I have not spoken since my sister slipped into the afterlife. I was fine in my silence. I felt the souls coming and going. I saw them, trembling, or definite and clear in the August sun, coming to ask me for help. They wanted me, the silent Clara, the dumb one.

I move the cut flowers from afar with the power of thought, so that they are arranged in a crown on my desk. In my liquid gaze no one can read.

I am a fairy, a saint, a sorceress. I see hearts, hidden from the world. I feel the suffering of dying nature, the excitement of the blades of grass that sprout after the rain.

I saw you too, hunched over under the weight of your luggage, dressed in black and dust from the Atacama Desert. I know my story is with you, and it doesn’t take love for fate to unite us.

I embrace my story. And I start talking again.’I’m going to get married,’ I said’.

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Details of the painting:

‘The unseen’

Acrylics on canvas

Size 80 cms x 110 cms x 3 cms, ready to hang

1.080 Euros plus shipping, includes its certificate of authenticity

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