Painting portraits is not only about likeness.

I see everyone wants you be able to identify himself with the image portrayed on a canvas.

But honestly, would you really say that the real you, your voice, your truth, can be found just in a hair cut, or a certain color of lipstick?

I strongly believe that our physical appearance is the complement to our soul. Our physical dimension is a side of our wholeness, a tangible manifestation of our emotions when we dress up, or we comb our hair so that we FEEL it coherent with our inner side. Otherwise it may be awkward, weird, ridiculous. And I bet you don’t want to be your own caricature.

The real challenge in portraiture is painting the soul.

And the soul often speaks the language of vulnerability. Vulnerability means digging into past experiences, memories. Going through them in a healing process, which is not only healing, but growing, expanding in this chaotic universe.

In a few words, we can hear our voice and finally see our inner reality.

Now imagine you are walking through a physical gallery. Your eyes will be filled from colours, suggestions, memories arising from the portraits.

Click on the title of each piece to access the dedicated page, with a brief story of the painting, full pictures and details for purchase.


350 Euros

Better days

270 Euros

I am not Virginia

675 Euros


400 Euros


400 Euros


240 Euros


380 Euros


240 Euros


240 Euros


350 Euros


350 Euros

Innocent Lolita

350 Euros

Arabian night

560 Euros


1.080 Euros

The unseen

1.080 Euros

In the moors

1.080 euros

A Russian Tale

720 Euros


270 Euros

Lime glow

175 Euros

Hide ‘n seek

175 Euros

Saigon blues

750 Euros