Unveiling your soul, and making it visible through emotional, expressive and dream-like paintings

Hi, I’m Elisa, the soul painter. I create powerful art that speaks the language of love, harmony and authenticity. But I was not born holding a paintbrush in my hand…

The real challenge in portraiture is painting the soul

See the original pieces straight from my studio. Each of them is made with passion and consists of a wise mix of emotions, colors and textures to narrate timeless, beautiful stories.

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When I was told about my surprise portrait, I was very doubtful.

I thought that my husband had the worst idea for my birthday present. But as I saw the painting, I thought that Elisa had made me beautiful and eternal. I’m very grateful.

Cinzia D. – Italy

This is an intense, expressive portrait

that shows the sensitivity of the painter and opens the door to a multi-faceted, inner world.

Jessica B. – Italy

Your drawings make the soul of a woman

and her sensuality visible to those who would not see them otherwise.

Maurizio B. – Italy

A stunning, powerful image that emits beauty, insight and steely inner strength.

My partner refuses to hang it on the wall. She takes it from room to room with her, so she can look at her whenever she needs to tap some of its energy.

Steve B. – UK

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