Helping women explore intimate feelings and strengthen identity by my powerful and soulful paintings

Close-up photo of the artist

Do you want to express the REAL you?

Is your inner voice knocking at the door of your mind aiming to be heard?

Do you want a piece of art able to reflect your feminine essence and celebrate your authentic strength, courage and emotion?

You know how magnificent you are. You are a wife, a mother, a worker, a caregiver and much more. But firstly you are an amazing woman who wears a beautiful smile and that deserves plentiful attention, love and tenderness.

You have arrived to a point where you want to be seen authentically, you aim to show your precious soul to the world in her wholeness and allure. Beyond the roles in family and society, just labels on your essence.

It is the moment that you can choose a painting as a gift to yourself, a gente cuddle, a reward.

Hi, I’m Elisa Colangeli, and I create symbolic and soulful paintings for strong and sensitive women. My figurative pieces speak a primordial language, made of instictive sensations and emotions.

By means of these paintings you will be led to enforce the perception of yourself and strenghten your spiritual side on, and you will reconciliate with aspects of your life that still float suspended in your consciousness in search of recovery.

Every piece is as unique as you are, no prints will be made.