A new spring of the soul

Lifestyle, Studio Life, Who I am

Yesterday, in my town we had the very first warm day of sun and blossoming flowers, so we decided to go walking in the woods and enjoy the beautiful...

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Love and charcoal

Art, Studio Life

The first action of self-love that I did about two years ago, when I deliberately decided to start making art, was buying some charcoal to study and...

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Cinderella or…?

Art, Who I am

We all have heroes. And heroins. They can belong to TV shows, to politics, to sports. Mine are definitely in books. I have tons of books. And when I...

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Sabina mater, my land

Lifestyle, Who I am

I’m sure you know that I am Italian, especially because I sometimes refer to myself as a woman of a modern Italian Renaissance. This definition...

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Ticket to ride

Art, The Bloomz

Oh, the Hogwards Express! When I am with my kids, we often dress up and dream about going to the school of magic and live great adventures, like...

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New year, new mood!

Art, Lifestyle

Fireworks, wishes, cheers and bubbles in the intimate atmosphere of our houses have led us to the new year. And now? I browse the pages of my new...

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Magic Moments


Hello dear friends and art lovers! I am happy to announce that I will be participating in the “Magic Moments” auction, organised by the...

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What you get is what you give (sometimes)

Lifestyle, Uncategorized

I warn you, friends. This is going to be a philosophical, sociological posts. I’ve experimented envy. Envy for my brilliant intuition as a...

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Less is more


Since I began to paint consistently, on an almost daily basis, I decided to study the Old Masters from a technical point of view, and besides the...

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All I want for Christmas is….a drawing!!

Art, Special offers, Studio Life

Are you unpacking all your Christmas decorations? Are you already looking for a special, unexpected and original present for your sister, mother, or...

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Stardust and magic

Art, Studio Life, Uncategorized

Are you enchanted by the deepest blue, starry skies at night?Do you imagine to travel through space and time?Do you like identifying the stars and...

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Parole, parole, parole…

Art, Video, Who I am

You will forgive me if I start our weekly appointment with a quote from an old, famous Italian song, which you may like to listen to clicking here...

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Let’s define normality

Art, Photography

With a delay of one week due to bad weather conditions and my physical sickness, at the last weekend I was able to visit an exhibition of paintings...

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The first steps

Who I am

Finally October is here, and the first decade is already gone! Covid-19 numbers are increasing. Again. Fear of a new lockdown, that I hope will not...

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The journey of joy

Studio Life, Who I am

Woohoo!!!! What an amazing weekend it has been! I have smiled, laughed, learnt, and met so many pleasant people from all around the world, that now I...

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Who seeks, finds

The Bloomz

If I were told, six months ago, that I would have become a member of an art collective, I would have never believed. I would have looked at my...

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Heavy sky, colourful life

Studio Life

In this fading summer, the ordinary vivid blue Italian sky has the color of steel today. Blades of grass are drying, wishing drops of rain to fall...

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