I am not Virginia

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Wash away your worries and float peacefully in the sea of tranquillity.

Virginia Woolf and her amazing, complex story always fascinated me since my teenage years.

She was married, but she had also a 40-year long love story with an other woman, Vita Sackville West. Virginia dedicated to her, who was an intellectual and poet as well, melting love letters, drenched in passion and desire.

This short letter in particular caught my attention: “Look here Vita — throw over your man, and we’ll go to Hampton Court and dine on the river together and walk in the garden in the moonlight and come home late and have a bottle of wine and get tipsy, and I’ll tell you all the things I have in my head, millions, myriads — They won’t stir by day, only by dark on the river. Think of that. Throw over your man, I say, and come”.

No one can understand a woman better than a woman.

Virginia had a sensitive, fragile personality. Her mind was striked by deep depressive crisis, signs of what scholars think nowadays was a bipolar disease, that left her strenghtless, blind to life and to creativity for a certain time.

As I know that she decided to drown herself in the river by her house, I would like to think that she looked for peace and reunification with the nature letting herself go in the water. Slowly fading away from the world, making no noise.

Drops of water in her feet, hands, lips, eyes. From water we were born, in the liquid element life begins. Virginia teaches us we must preserve our fragilities.

Our weak sides make us human, make us real, make us lovable, make us worth of forgiveness

I embrace my imperfection.

I accept my imperfection.

I forgive my imperfection…and water will only wash my worries away, but I won’t drown into it.

I won’t.

  • Charcoal on paper
  • Size 55 cms x 80 cms, unframed
  • 675 Euros plus shipping, includes its certificate of authenticity