Time for fruit popsicles, the kind that melt instantly under the August sun.

Time for water balloons and water bombs, for assaults with guns on dad’s car that goes through the gate in the evening.

Time for postcards, the real ones, of magnets, of the colosseum and the tower of Pisa in miniature as a souvenir.

Time for pedal boats, for bike rides through the pine forest, for choirs and guitars, for potato chips and sliced ​​pizza.

Time for watermelon and coconut, mint, mozzarella and tomato, bruschetta with garlic and oil, cold pasta and rice salad.

Time to sleep without blankets, without pajamas, to enjoy the coolness of the night.

Time for repetitive music, of clichés on the radio.

We do not need summer songs to fly to the Caribbeans, because we have the Cuba libre essence inside.

And while I suck a slice of lime, I savor freedom and life.
Beautiful life.
Unique, joyful life.

New life. Now!
And the melody of summer flows in our blood, under the skin.
My summer of Italy.

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Details of the painting:

‘Lime glow’

Acrylics on canvas board

Size 13 cms x 18 cms, unframed

175 Euros plus shipping, includes its certificate of authenticity

Please email me to to buy the painting, and I’ll be in touch with the details. Payments are due by PayPal, and I have payment plans available too.