Pongo’s World

Pongo is my cat.

He used to live in the house on the other side of the street, but when we met, it was love at the first sight and he moved to my house.

But if you think he is like any other feline, you are wrong!

In real life, you can find Pongo hunting in the garden or sleeping in his soft tepee in my living room (he is an Olympic champion in taking naps). His special features are three rounded black spots on his hind leg, that make him seem ‘a cow-cat’!

But he is also the protagonist of my creations in air clay, and in each of them, Pongo is ready to gift you cheerfulness and delight.

You may find him wearing a bee costume, carrying a quatrefoil or a flower. You may admire him with a Santa hat or playing the guitar…. there’s nothing that Pongo can’t do!

You may even find a Pongo’s paw showing up on your fridge, as a beautiful lovely magnet.

I decided to create this joyous sculpture line of Pongo figurines because I am determined to bring all cat lovers the same joy and unconditional love that my cat brings me every single day.  Pongo’s world is a safe place where you want to come back to after a working day…. and you will find your furry love there, impatiently waiting for you, and ready for cuddles.

Pongo’s world smells of cotton candy and freshly baked bread. Pongo’s world smells of family and Christmas holidays.

Pongo’s world’s pillars are devotion and tenderness.

For this reason, I also sculpt personalized cats as commissions, celebrating the devotion that my clients from all over the world show to their cats through bespoke clay figurines where I achieve a total likeness to the model in my personal style.
Pongo’s world is a green brand too.

Each Pongo sculpture is handmade with paper clay and it dries naturally in the air. I do not use any kiln to fire the clay and I minimize the use of energy as a personal choice of environmental sustainability. I paint my figurines in acrylics and I varnish them with high-quality products to guarantee they are everlasting.

Commissions for figurines start at 99 Euros plus shipping. You are welcome to ask and contact us to receive more information about our products (magnets, tick-tac-toe games and merchandising items, such as mugs and stationery that are in preparation too).


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