The Meditative Artists’ Circle

As humans, it is part of our nature to create.

When we cook, bake, or garden, we are creating. We create when we find a new solution to an old problem.
Any time we take raw materials, physical or mental, and transform them into something new, we use our creative energy.

The problem with creativity is that we are often discouraged from creative efforts, starting with education.

Once we pass through the phase where coloring, painting, or cutting paper is completely acceptable, it seems that we must mold into less creative beings. Adults become used to following what’s right, the latest trend, or what’s acceptable to others. Then, when asked to abstractly invent something new, we might have a difficult time doing it.

We want to make it right, beautiful and perfect. No failure or experimenting is allowed.

Doesn’t matter if such a logical approach to creativity, full of constraints, makes you feel a sense of inhibition in dealing with your emotions and you end up stuck in your gestures expecting the best result.

Where are you, today? Do you feel genuinely connected to your playful, creative side?

I have recently started a circle for creative people that want to go deep and explore interiority through intuitive art practice.

Forget the fear of the blank canvas and the aim of perfectionism.

Give color to your emotions, make them visible and reconnect to the deepest layers of your soul.

Embrace complete peace as soon as you start your creative way in a sacred space of mutual support and inspiration.

Create art that speaks to the soul and portrays your hidden hopes, fears, and desires.

Heal one painting at a time through the immeasurable driving force of art.

We all have different perspectives, affinities, and experiences, and nobody is quite like you. I love thinking about the vast array of lives you all lead. Even if you are new to drawing and painting, I assure you that each of you has the power to translate your unique inspiring self straight into visual art.

This happens naturally when you make art from a place of intuition and trust, but it also helps to start noticing what makes you, YOU.

See life through the lens of the rainbow.

We meet on Zoom as a group for our art class once a month. The first time you join, you can access a private Facebook group dedicated to the circle, where we can grow up as a generous and supportive community.

For each ticket you buy, you get a 15-20 minute original art tutorial about single intuitive drawing/painting techniques, mark making, color theory and much more, so that you can build up new skills and amplify your expressive art tools and library. Topics will vary from month to month and you will build your own creative library.

The single event is held on Zoom as a group session (90 minutes approx): after an introduction to the topic by reading a couple of pages of chosen books, we will have a moment of guided visualization and then I will explain the prompt we will be drawing. To conclude, we can share our creations and have a brief discussion about the discoveries that art-making brought to the surface.

Join my exclusive art circle to explore new paths of creativity through intuitive art and brighten your soul with joy!

Discover the upcoming events of the Meditative Artists’ Circle here on Eventbrite.


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