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Parole, parole, parole…

You will forgive me if I start our weekly appointment with a quote from an old, famous Italian song, which you may like to listen to clicking here (highly recommended, Mina is a famous and sophisticated Italian performer).

‘Parole’ is translated as ‘words’.

I believe in the immense power of words.

They are able to uplift you to heaven, or to create despair and abandonment.

They unveil reality.

I love creating a story around each of my paintings, and I usually post both when a piece is on sale.

In a few words I guide the viewer to look through my eyes at the meaning of the portrait. Words and colours fuse and permeate a soulful insight of reality.

Of course, it is a mere suggestion. We are always called to look beyond.

Beyond the first glance.

Beyond the first meaning.

Yesterday I was interviewed by the amazing Steve Brooks of Wackylamps on his Instagram page (click here). In this interview I dedicate some time to outline my WHY as a professional artist.

Why do I paint?

Why am I driven to art?

Everything I do is to embrace the love and the intense emotions I have inside.

I believe we are all craving a deep knowing of our spiritual selves.

I just happen to narrate the intangible thoughts in my dreamlike, emotional paintings.