The first steps

Finally October is here, and the first decade is already gone!

Covid-19 numbers are increasing. Again.

Fear of a new lockdown, that I hope will not become real.

I’ve been thinking for the last two weeks about how to approach to JOY, and to my personal research of JOY, and decided to do it as much instinctively as I could.

And so I’ll proceed.

But the left side of my brain is telling the right one, the passionate and creative side, that there are several joyful things and experiences about my past that are worth of being mentioned throughout this month.

So up to now in my Facebook posts (link here, and scroll down) I have basically made a collage of everything, the present, the past, and perhaps suggestions from my future dreams and projects.

These autumn days are full of happiness, thanks to a dipple cat living in the neighborhood, which my children love. Every day I discover how precious is the time spent together with our beloved ones.

Before I leave you, if you missed the Bloomz artshow on September 26, you have the possibility to tale a look at the showreels that I and the other artists prepared for the show. Just click here to be directed to the artshow page in the website of the art collective.

To jump directly to my presentation, just click here. Pieces listed are still available and they are waiting for you!