Who seeks, finds

If I were told, six months ago, that I would have become a member of an art collective, I would have never believed. I would have looked at my interlocutor with curious eyes and silently smiled…maybe adding a sentence like ‘Wish you were right, but at the moment I feel like the most lonely boat sailing in the emptiest of art oceans’.

Besides the happy surface of creating paintings, and getting satisfying results under the technical point of view, even selling, an artist’s life has to face every now and then some issues which bring you back to the hard fact that art is somehow affected by daily life.

It’s not that strange: we love artists because they have their own vision of the world and they are able to convey such a way of being on a canvas. The corresponding dark side of the moon is that when life gets in the middle with unexpected events, frustration, stress, then artists find themselves affected by such drawbacks like any other human being.

Lack of inspiration, block, loss of motivation in creating are all common things and in those moments every artist, like everybody, needs someone ready to whisper ‘Come on, put some colour on that canvas even if you don’t feel inspired, or simply scribble on toilet paper or on the sudoku magazine!’.

Encouragement and frienships are values. Support matters.

Sailing in the art ocean led me recently to follow a specific online intensive course on art marketing, where Paula Mould and Leigh Shenton were the coaches. I can say that I was totally unprepared to set foot inside the world of art marketing, but you know, you must start from somewhere.

The group of fellows I belonged to was made up of people having such a diverse rainbow of personalities and artistic abilities, that I soon realised I could learn a lot from each of the other artists, even because we were not in competition, but on the contrary we were working to learn some art selling skills and moving to the same goal.

Those 30 days of BootCamp were hard and intensive, and as a consequence we ended with creating a closed Facebook group were we could be able to continue working and exchange advice on the topics of the course. I never stop being astonished and positively surprised when people accept to collaborate with me. At the same time, I never stop being disappointed when this does not happen, but i read it as a sign of destiny and go ahead along my way.

And I remember the very precise moment when I said to one of the members in the Facebook group ‘I have always dreamt about being a part of a group where we could do things together’, and she said ‘Why not! We have everything we need!’

Said and done.

We started to have weekly calls on Zoom, and now we are officially The Bloomz Creative Collective, set everywhere and nowhere because art has no boundaries. Like imagination, like emotional connections when you are in love with a man who works 1000 miles far from you, but your heart is always near to him.

We have developed an original and innovative way to show our art (fiber and textile pieces, oils and encaustic, acrylics, watercolours, charcoal and digital art too) inside an exceptional virtual setting, via Zoom. The event that is going to happen is not an auction, but a precious occasion where you will be able to meet us, the artists, from the comfort of your home. Tickets are free and you can get all the information via Eventbrite.

This is a very happy ending, isn’t it?. This is, above all, the demonstration that he who seeks finds, Obvious and boring, you may think, this is the happy ending of a sickly tale. But I do, deeply believe that he who seeks, finds.

Maybe not immediately, but he will succeed. Because I’ve come to the conclusion that positive people are driven unconscously towards other positive people, and when we join our intelligence and skills we obtain better results in a shorter time.

It’s like amplyfing the good.

And now I don’t feel anymore like a lonely sailor, because I know that if I would shipwreck I could count on other small, colorful boats, ready to rescue me.

The Bloomz Show